About Me

Hello all or better said „ Hello World “,
Hello World” greet is fitting very well in my description because it is the most common and basic expression in the programming world.

My name is Lucian and, as you may already have guessed, I have something to do with programming.

I am a software engineer and my greatest passion is software development.
The flame of my passion was lit some time back in the 90’s and grew up every day till now, and it is still very intense and it will remain so, because I realized that the IT world is my place to be.

I live and work in Munich area in Germany and I speak fluently german and english.

Currently I am involved in projects covering fields like Embedded devices development (PSoC, ARM and Harvard RISC Architecture Microcontrollers) for automotive and industrial applications, Java application development, Windows and Linux desktop applications, Windows Server and database development and administration.

I love everything that has something to do with computer software or hardware and I like to study a lot, so that I can improve my skills every day.

As a very determined and ambitious person, when I do something, I can’t let go until everything works perfectly.




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  • Digital and analogue data aquisition (DAQ)


  • Database development and administration – MySQL, MsSQL